Drunken Thought For The Night: What’s Wrong With Bass Guitarists?

Look Mum! I'm in a band!

I just arrived home from stopping by the local to check out a (friend of a) friends’ band. They weren’t bad, but we did find ourselves making note of the bass guitarists dance moves – something akin to a chicken, pecking at seed. Which started the discussion: are bass guitarists a little bit wrong in the head? They seem to be lost somewhere between the show-pony lead guitarist and the awesomeness of smacking the hell out of a drum kit. Without the ability to play more strings than fingers, nor ambidextrous enough to flail around like a muppet, they’re left with a sad and dark little corner of the stage, propping up something patronisingly titled ‘the rhythm section’.

Care to tell me that I’m wrong and I’m also a jerk? Please do in the comments. When I return from our mojito-fueled Mexican party on Friday night, I shall promptly respond in a clear and concise manner, with more drunken thinkings.

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