“I have arrived at my artistic studies by a path which is but little trod, that is, by the physiology of the senses; and in reference to those who have a long acquaintance with, and who are quite at home in the beautiful fields of art, I may compare myself to a traveller who has entered upon them by a steep and stony mountain path, but who, in doing so, has passed many a stage from which a good point of view is obtained. If therefore I relate to you what I consider I have observed, it is with the understanding that I wish to regard myself as open to instruction by those more experienced than myself.” Hermann Helmholtz, 1871.

Scott Brown was born with one eyebrow. Despite this terrible affliction, he has overcome the odds to not only interact with other human beings, but excel at investigating this very field.

Taking the well-trod path of DJ-turned-promoter, Scott found himself involved in many creative pursuits within the DIY culture of dance music during the dreadfully titled ‘noughties’. Before long, this resulted in a keen interest in design and performance technology. In turn, Scott completed a Diploma in Event Design, a Bachelor of Digital Media (Hons) and is now a PhD candidate (read: institutionalised).

Combining his background of music production, theatre and visual design, Scott has now focused his efforts upon experiential media. Interested in explorations of performance, technology and design, Scott’s projects are often a reflection upon our own behaviour as humans, as much as they are an investigation of the technology we bring into our everyday lives.

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