The Cost of Design

The Cost of Design

A constant desire to update and change my blog layout has resulted in a shift to this new subdomain. I decided that, like Eli’s blog, I should create a sort of break between my personal work and my professional work. So here it is. Welcome.

Although, whilst visiting Design Observer, I came across a fantastic article that focuses on the battle between our now ubiquitous desire for more environmentally friendly design and the result of that battle becoming comercialised. So often, what begins with the best of intentions, starts to lose sight of why it was started in the first place. Perhaps my shift to a new blog isn’t the answer to a lagging post-rate. Maybe I should have worked more with what was already there.

It’s easy to be quite cynical about things like good design vs production for production’s sake, but I think it’s also important to be realistic. Yes, great design can be a wonderful thing and in some circumstances, has the power to inspire social change. But maybe it’s time for a sort of Design Police. Someone to look over your shoulder and ask: “do we really need that”?

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