It’s an apt name for a gig I’ll be playing at the Loft this Thursday night: I totally forgot I was on the bill. Nevermind. Regardless of me being completely unprepared, you should come along and check out some great free music, particularly one of my favourites, Sofie.

I’m unsure if I’ll try and wrangle Ableton into something set-like between now and then, or I’ll just pull out my old dubstep records (thanks to Alistair for billing me as a dubstep veteran. I’m not sure if that’s says I’m getting old, or just jaded). Either way, it’ll be a cheap night for all those students that should be very close to celebrating a few weeks of freedom.

Pretty sure the lovely flyer design is once again done by the unstoppable Bec Paton.

Set Times
1700 Dan Copping
1800 Shunji
1900 Kodama
2000 Sofie
2100 Dan Copping
2200 Portrait
2300 Blablake

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