Multimedia Authoring – New Minisite

Multimedia Authoring – New Minisite
Multimedia Authoring minisite

This marks the very final part of Semester 1, 2009 for me. We were given the option of completing our documentation for Multimedia Authoring 1 with either a video or website, which were due today. I chose the latter because of the non-action required for my project. It wouldn’t make for a particularly exciting video experience: “Wow, look at that guy, not doing anything!” Exciting stuff.

So as my projects have a tendency to do, this one got a bit out of hand. So I turned it into a minisite. This is the first of a couple that I have in the works for the mid-year break (the second is a far more exciting return of Concrète. More on that soon) and doing this prevents me from making any more bloody WordPress databases – it’s like they’ve begun breeding on the angryPixel server.

For anyone who’s read past posts about my Multimedia Authoring 1 process, there’s not a lot new here, but I’m hoping that it’s helpful to someone out there at some point, maybe coming across Processing for the very first time.

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