There Goes The Neighbourhood

There Goes The Neighbourhood
There it goes

I stopped in at CarriageWorks this morning to de-brief the last Finders Keepers markets and have a talk about the next one coming up in December. Chatting about the other spaces within the venue, we went for a bit of a wander to check them out and came across a couple of excellent exhibitions that you need to see

The first is opening tomorrow and showcases some of KesselsKramer‘s (yes, that is their website) excellent ad work. They’re one of those uber-talented European marketing crews that blur the line between art, design and advertising, often to stunning effect. It’s the first retrospective of it’s size in Australia and well worth a look.

What really caught my attention though, was a brilliant exhibition of local and international artists, called There Goes The Neighbourhood. Based around Sydney’s notorious The Block area and the aboriginal culture surrounding that, it’s a fascinating insight into a place that most of middle-class white Australia knows precious little about.

In fact, the premise of the exhibition is far broader than the just The Block, and takes a look at how we categorise people based on where they live – particularly in the urban environment. Fittingly, the exhibition is cross-disciplinary, with video, photography, interactivity, painting, sculpture and a labyrinthine installation that you absolutely must take a walk through. There are no plans to tour the exhibition as yet, but if anyone else from around the country can help out, I really recommend getting in touch with the organisers. The work is much more far-reaching than just the inner-west of Sydney.

The exhibition is open until June 27th, from Tuesday to Sunday each week and is free. Check it out.

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