Aquatic Lab Album Launch

Aquatic Lab Album Launch
Aquatic Lab album launch
Aquatic Lab album launch

If you’ve read even a small number of the rants on this blog, you’ll know that I’ve pretty much given up the DJing thing. There are very few occasions when I’ll happily dust off my wax and do a set nowadays. However, I’ve been hit with two occasions I simply can’t say no to:

  1. Playing alongside Zerodub. I used to get the opportunity to do this a lot when Eli and I put on the Southern Steppa gigs and I have to say, I really miss it. I honestly believe that Zerodub is one of Sydney’s most underrated DJs. He really knows how to put a set together and importantly, that makes me look good when we play back to back.
  2. Moving Ninja is back. Boom. I’ve missed his nasty music and totally non-rhythmic head bobbing behind the laptop. Not to mention talking post-rock/classical music with him. He’s been in the UK for the past 18 months, doing very big things with very important people and it will be great to hear what he’s got up his sleeve during his stay here for just a few weeks.

On top of my reasons for showing up, you should too, because it’s the launch of the Aquatic Lab Sessions album. There are some pretty impressive names offering their tunes for the album, including Zed Bias, Cotti, Moving Ninja, Seven and the late Twitch has a posthumous first release.

No doubt, there’ll be a few heads coming along for the event, so pop by to check out Sydney’s newest $500k marble bar…

Aquatic Lab Sessions Vol 1 Official Album Launch
Thursday, 13 August 9pm-3am
202 Broadway, Chippendale
$5 before 10pm, $10 after

  • Moving Ninja
  • Mark Pritchard
  • Farj + Paul
  • Zerodub + Kodama
  • Andrew Maxam
  • Boot + Sook

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