Doves – The Man Who Told Everything

Doves – The Man Who Told Everything

Lately, I’ve been digging through the CDs I used to have on high rotation during high school – early Doves and Elbow featured heavily on that list – and ripping them onto my hard drive. Listening to Doves’ Lost Souls again, I was reminded of the brilliant film clip for The Man Who Told Everything. I remember being really affected by it when I was that angsty little teenager, but hadn’t seen it since. YouTube to the rescue.

Watching it now, I’m not only still moved by the clip, but with my limited study of film, I realise how brilliantly executed is is. Such a simple idea, but carried out perfectly: the lighting is bang on; the editing is amazing; and the actors do whatever it is that actors do, wonderfully.

A little bit of Googling led me to find the director was Sam Brown at FLYNN. It looks like he’s done some work with James Blunt lately, but no – I won’t be posting that up. Ever.


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