Misseri Studio: Insane Genius

Misseri Studio: Insane Genius

For all the romantic notions of being a kid and running home to watch cartoons on the ABC after school, it’s not often that these shows really live up to the memories. There is of course the exception of Sesame Street, but those guys are on crack – I’m sure of it.

Whenever I see those old shows again, I’m often more than a little disappointed and wish they had’ve stayed with my other rose-coloured childhood memories. And don’t get me started on modern kids television – that stuff is so off the wall, I don’t even know where to begin.

Thankfully, there are exceptions, and Misseri Studio is definitely one. They have graciously put some of my old favourites up on YouTube, including A.E.I.O.U. and The Red And The Blue. Check it out…



Nothing short of genius. The nutters behind this stuff were clearly enjoying themselves.

If I ever have the opportunity to enforce my own personal testing labs upon the minds of small children, these animations are near the top of the list.

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