Mixed Peas – 4 Years On

Mixed Peas – 4 Years On
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It really blows my mind that I put this mix together in August, 2005. What is even more surprising is that I still get asked about it.

It’s no secret that I’m no longer a part of the Sydney dubstep scene, but back in 2005, myself and Eli were amongst literally a handful of people in the entire country, trying to get this style of music heard. For me, this was when the sound hit its peak – before a glut of bedroom producers hit the halfstep formula like there was no tomorrow. I’m in danger of being back in my ‘grumpy old man’ hat now, so I’ll move swiftly along…

Mixed Peas was a set that I performed at the now defunct Frigid night, supporting Hermitude (and as someone who prides themselves on playing music that no one else has – the pinnacle of my DJ achievement). Over the years, I gave away every CD copy I had burnt and between my loss of interest in DJing and a high incidence of exploding computers (back up your files, kiddies), this is now the only copy that remains. Unfortunately, it’s a mediocre 128k MP3, but hopefully it makes a few people out there happy.

You can stream it below, or download here


Mixed Peas – Mixed by Kodama

(running time: 62mins)

01. Like Sun – Toasty
02. Saints & Sinners – DJ Distance
03. Ping – Kode 9
04. Life Dub – Loefah
05. Galleon Dub – 23HZ & Numaestro
06. Neverland – Digital Mystikz
07. Walkin Bass – Benga
08. Egypt – DJ Dinesh & Kid Deli
09. 3 Degrees – Sound Proof Productions
10. Los Perros – 23HZ & Numaestro
11. Straight Forward Rasta – Sandoz
12. Marseilles Connection – Horsepower Productions
13. Da Wrath Souljahz VIP – Mala
14. Brood – Boxcutter
15. Distorted Minds – Hexstatic (Zero DB Mix)
16. Truly Dread – Loefah
17. Dark Crystal – DJ Distance
18. I Am Animal – Shackleton

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