Geometry Is Sexy

Geometry Is Sexy


This is some lovely work from Wee See, that I spotted via CDMo the other day, which started me on one of those YouTube binges, looking for similar geometry based animation. Personally, I’m really interested in minimalist design, particularly around the idea of negative space.

As Peter Kirn points out in his post, we often shy away from using simple, or elementary shapes in design, in favour of throwing everything we have at something. Personally, I’m tiring of the ‘cut and paste’ and collage style of design that’s been around for a few years now. It feels lazy and often like it’s an effort to cover up a lack of thought in a work. Of course there are always exceptions and I don’t pretend that a clean and minimal design will always win out over something more layered and random – Apple’s glossy, minimal and all too reflective aesthetic has long been wearing equally thin on me.

The above work struck me as something that would translate wonderfully at an extreme scale. Even though I’m still a couple of weeks away from handing in final projects for this semester, I’ve already started thinking about what I’ll take on next year. With my interest in groups like AntiVJ, I think some projection mapping is in the works, and minimalist design on the side of a large building would fit the bill nicely.

I have some interesting projects already lined up for the summer break that will feed into these ideas, but more on that in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is one of my childhood geometric favourites from Sesame Street: a Philip Glass composition played against hand-drawn geometric animation. There is something tangible and magical about hand-drawn animation, that computer-based work still hasn’t been able to match for me. If only I could draw…


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