Out Fishing

Out Fishing

So you want answers – why have the blog posts stopped? Where are all the new pictures, exciting videos and words of show-stopping genius that bring joy to your dark, sad little lives? They’ve gone on holiday, that’s where.

This Is Not Art 2009. Run by animals

As is standard practice for me, I book a holiday at the beginning of semester, that inevitably takes place during the pointy end of session. Finding time for updating my blog (and therefore process journal) takes a back seat. In fact, I took the back seat out of the car entirely and left the whiney bastard at home. Whilst the blog was crying and tossing things around like a small, red haired brat, I escaped up the coast to Newcastle, for the This Is Not Art festival. I’m not going to get into too much here, because the blog and life in general was laying in wait for my return and won’t stop poking me until I get something done.

Just a quick list of people that impressed me during the 5 days (in no particular order): Pimmon, Christian Haines, Tom Hall, and Suburban Giants. The Renew Newcastle project was also hugely inspiring. If I find myself with time on my hands and looking for something to post about in the next few weeks (no chance), I’ll come back to these artists. In the meantime, I’ve got to get stuck into this ‘life’ thing.

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