Please Stop With All The Fun

Please Stop With All The Fun
Fear and Loathing: The Board Game by J R Baldwin

It’s difficult to find the time for blog writing amongst all the drinking, music and general fun that’s been going on around the place over the past month. Instead of dragging everyone through the details, like an Ellis-esque American Psycho, I might just babble my way through the backstory, like a Kerouac-wannabe On The Road

Home to Bangalow for 10 year reunion, Christmas and New Year. 2 bottles of whiskey, 2 bottles of gin, 2 bottles of tequila and Malibu accompanied several bottles of wine and cases of beer to ensure I didn’t stop drinking for 2 weeks (this is an accurate account, made before the binge began). Things get hazy around here, but I’m pretty sure we all had a great time and I returned to Sydney with a couple of extra kilos under my belt and a dozen unconscious faux-hippies on my lounge room floor. The Sydney Festival and general Australian summer music madness has ensured I’ll be broke until winter: saw Al Green at Festival First Night, next up is Grizzly Bear on the 14th (sadly clashing with Severed Heads), The Books and Signal To Noise talks on the 16th, Smoke & Mirrors on the 20th, Antony & The Johnsons on Feb 1st, Yo La Tengo on the 18th and Faith No More round things up on the 22nd.

…apparently I’m supposed to be saving money to move house around the end of February, so it’s also time to get a (real) job. Amongst all of that, I’m still way behind on my permanent list of ‘to do’ projects that I have to knock out before I go back to uni in March. All of this amounts to more rambling from me, hopefully with the occasional nugget of intelligence breaking through the stupor of far too much fun.

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