The Finders Keepers – May 2010

The Finders Keepers – May 2010
Sandel performing at The Finders Keepers markets

We’ve just packed up the Autumn/Winter Finders Keepers markets, which were met with ever-growing success. I’ve been organising and running the music stage for a couple of years now, and with the assistance of some wonderful artists and amazing stage design by Michelle McCosker and Reef Knot, it was really nice to be a part of.

Also a nice change, was having an audio extraordinaire supplied by CarriageWorks to look after live sound. This meant I could post photos live all day with my spiffy new D90. The camera is only a few days old, but already proving an excellent purchase.

I was also able to put my MaxForLive lighting controller to use for the first time. I had originally planned on simply using my small floodlights, but CarriageWorks happily plugged my laptop into their lighting system. I was giddy with power. This did mean a very quick addition to the DMaX DimmerPack 6 patch, to create the DimmerPack 17…

DimmerPack 17. Now with even more dimmer

Possibly the most flexible lighting setup in existence, I can’t really say enough about DMaX. I had zero problems with the software running for 2 days straight and for that matter, my $10 floodlights held their own on stage too. It was nice to have something there to warm the faces of the performers.

I was asked by CarriageWorks staff about the potential of the setup for running intelligent lighting (like moving heads), so I think I’ll also look into that when I find the time. There’s a Gentleforce lighting show in the works, and we could put together something quite interesting via Ableton Live.

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  • Great to see the system in use! If you’re interested in using more intelligent fixtures you should know I’m currently working on the next major update for DMaX which will have a whole system for dealing with moving lights.

  • Awesome! Have you thought about creating a standalone Max patch? I don’t see any reason a commercial venue like CarriageWorks wouldn’t pay for a portable system like this.

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