Digital Theory & Aesthetics – Week 12

Digital Theory & Aesthetics – Week 12
You Were In My Dream (2010) installed at Blackbox, Melbourne as part of Experimenta Utopia Now

End of an era. Last Digital Theory & Aesthetics assessment, last assessment for the semester and the last essay I’ll do as an undergraduate. It’s a shame the word limit was so small, I could’ve ranted for pages. Maybe not worthy rant, but extensive nonetheless.

Taking the interactive works of Osmose (1995) and You Were In My Dream (2010), I compared them to each other and attempted to express how they provided the viewer with immersion and ultimately freedom – something of a Holy Grail for interactive art. Of course, both fall short of absolute freedom. No computer program has ever come close. However, both use wildly different approaches to allow the viewer to interact with them, and it’s interesting to look at them in the context of what the user has been allowed to do.

Without any further ado, here’s my essay and a small wave goodbye to my second last semester.

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