Dusk – Construction (Part 1)

Dusk – Construction (Part 1)
Binding of the 'tree' framework for Dusk

Saturday was the first opportunity we’ve had to spend a full day working on Dusk, in the warehouse. We took the opportunity to start construction on the physical objects that will occupy the projection space: a thatch tree and papier mâché rocks have begun to take shape. These objects will not only provide some tangible shape to our work, but also represent places that our responsive, projected fireflies will call home. When frightened, they will escape into one of these object, which will in turn respond by colour, lighting and sound.

Whilst it was great to see the physical objects take shape, we’re still plagued by projector issues. We had sourced what we thought was a projector with a 1:1 throw after our initial problems, but it turned out to be closer to 1.2:1, making the projected space quite small. We need to discuss whether this decrease in size will compromise our work, or if it will still be as effective as a smaller space. Either way, the ever-shortening deadline is leading to ever-shortening blog posts. Pictures tell a story, and there’s more of those after the jump…

Harry setting up the projector rig
Harry setting up the projector rig
Lukasz setting up infrared flood lights
Eli working on the 'tree'
Lighting test in the 'tree'
Lighting test in the 'tree'
Papier mâché 'rocks'
Lukasz' openFrameworks motion tracking software

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