Honours Paper

Honours Paper

Curiously, the short thesis required for BDM Honours at COFA is due a full 6 weeks before the physical work that it is partly documenting. I’ll save my thoughts on why that doesn’t make sense for another time. For now, my paper is finished and after presenting it at Critical Animals (TINA) last weekend, it has a little more life yet, when I’ll present it again at Curtin University in a few weeks time.

I’m aware that this isn’t the quality of paper that will be included in any of the journal databases currently sitting atop gated reserves of academic knowledge. Nevertheless, my attitude toward the open access debate is that institutions should be actively making their research public where possible (head over to The Conversation for some excellent articles on the subject).

In that spirit, here is a PDF of my Honours thesis to download. It’s a strange mix of research, process documentation and an effort to create my own methodology(ies), but hopefully the basis of what will form a much larger study next year, when I apply to become a PhD candidate.

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