Mappa v03

Mappa v03

I’ve started working on a simple projection mapping patch in MaxMSP for the upcoming Share Sydney night at Serial Space. The idea is that once finished, I’ll take it across to MaxForLive and allow it to be dynamically controlled by both audio and MIDI input.

It seemed simple enough, but video is a tricky beast: more than any other digital medium, it chews up CPU like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t think of anyone that has a real grasp of video processing (rendered or real-time) efficiently, and it seems to be mostly a process of trial and error for even the most seasoned video-nerds. In my case, the patch below really starts getting processor hungry when moving the mask around. Give it a try by downloading the code and changing the x/y/z origin of [jit.bfg]. It’s a shame really – the patterns that can be created by the [jit.bfg] object are incredibly varied and some even seem organic in shape.

Mappa v03, MaxMSP patch.

The other problem I’ve run into is getting the new [] object to play nicely with the other GL objects. I’m really not sure what’s going on there – [] seems to work fine when running directly into a non-GL matrix, but not so as part of a GL chain. My knowledge of how the GL objects work together is limited (read: non-existant), so if anyone can figure out how to plug it in, please let me know.

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