This is probably the longest break between posts I’ve ever had on this site. But here’s why:


Distilling the last 12 months of wildly tangental and strictly (self-imposed) literary research into something resembling a clear direction for the next 2-3 years in just 7500 words was tough. But I made it: I’m now a confirmed PhD Candidate. I’m not entirely sure what I was for the 12 month preceding this review, but apparently it’s something like being a Catholic. I don’t think they’re allowed to have fun either.

And so 2013 promises to be a far more entertaining – and busy – year: more art practice and general tech nerdery in my PhD; extra teaching gigs at the fresh (and very bright) new campus; and some exciting exhibition/conference things just around the corner (much, much more on that soon).

I tend to write more when I’m enjoying my work, so expect a return to rambling form shortly.

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