Did you receive this postcard?

With any luck, you arrived at this page because you received a postcard similar to the image above. This was sent to you as part of an artwork – The Pen and The Postcard – shown at Electrofringe 2013 (part of the This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle).

Amongst other things, this work explores the way that our lives are constantly tracked through digital technology, by absurdly pushing the analogue into this same space. A participant of our artwork has chosen you to be the final piece in this odd puzzle, and we humbly ask you to fill in your location details below (name and additional comments optional). Edit: Art has finished. No more spamalot contact form.

We will only use this information to build a map of destinations for these postcards; a geolocated expression of the artwork sprawling beyond its original boundaries. See the map at the end of this page as we add locations of each postcard (if you’re an early bird, you will instead see the location of the artwork).

Postcard Photo Credits:
Andre & Anita Nieuwland (CC BY-NC-SA)
Tim Keegan (CC BY-SA)
Trish (CC BY-NC-ND)
Luke Sugars (CC BY-NC-ND)

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