3D Modelling & Animation – Week 05

3D Modelling & Animation – Week 05


I really didn’t expect to spend so much time fine tuning my animation over the past week or so. In the end, I think the movement I attempted was too complex and the many keyframes I added early on made the later stages more difficult than they otherwise would have been.

It is these later stages that you’re really able to breathe some life into the character, so in the end my little golden man looks a bit floaty and doesn’t appear to have the mass that I would have liked. However, I have to say that I really learnt a lot by going through this process from start to finish. Although I definitely made some mistakes this time around, I have a better understanding of how to start any similar projects, and avoid many troubles in the future.


So here is the little bugger. Like a crazed wooden life drawing doll:


In case it’s not as obvious as I hope, he’s a skateboarder. Because we couldn’t use props for this animation, he’s hovering just above the ground and stays in one spot (it would be a Hanna Barbera-esque animation, where the background whizzes by the cycling character).

I would have liked to add some more bounce and overlap in the animation, but it started becoming far too complex amongst all the keyframes, so I ended up letting it go as it is.

Even with all my complaints about the animation, it has come together reasonably well in the end. I wouldn’t mind having another shot at it, but starting afresh at some point. But for now, I need some sleep.

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