Gearlust: Novation ZeRO SL Mk II

Gearlust: Novation ZeRO SL Mk II

Damnit. Just when I’d kept away from new tech goodness for a while, this thing comes along. I’ve been planning on selling my sprawling collection of controllers for a while now (M-Audio Axiom 25, Korg PadKontrol, Firewire 410 and Behringer BCR2000 up for grabs?) and consolidating everything into one controller.

I was eyeing off the Novation ReMOTE 37SL, but in my effort to create a smaller desktop footprint, I’m thinking that perhaps ditching the keyboard altogether may be a good idea – it’s not like I’m actually capable of playing anyway. So I took a look around at the ZeRO. Then I spotted that there’s a new one coming out. Right now. And it’s sexy. And now I want one. Damnit.

Enjoy the gearpr0n…

Novation Zero

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