The Finders Keepers – May 09

The Finders Keepers – May 09
The Finders Keepers, May 09

We’re only a couple of weeks out from the next installment of The Finders Keepers markets. If you missed the last one, CarriageWorks is the new home for the markets and it feels like a great fit. For anyone around the Sydney area, you should check out the space – it’s nothing short of amazing (both aesthetically and because the state government actually coughed up some cash to produce it).

I’ll be running the music stage again this time, and I have to say I’m pretty excited about the line-up. I deliberately chose artists who hadn’t played before (with the exception of a couple of the DJs), to try and keep it fresh and interesting. It’s a policy that the market organisers have with designers selling their wares, so it makes sense that I carry it across to the music as well.

If you’re local, make the effort to come and have a look, particularly if you haven’t been to the markets before. They’re always a massive success and you’ll no doubt find something amazing to spend your Rudd bonus on (if, unlike me, you have any left).

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