Multimedia Authoring – Week 10

Multimedia Authoring – Week 10

Code Development

In the midst of three different final assessments, my code has only been taking baby steps this week. I’m a long way from getting it complete and if it wasn’t for the saving grace of a few extra days with nothing else to distract me, I think I would be having a minor meltdown.

Face detection and traer.physics were combined this week, with some positive results…

Source code

Whilst it isn’t really the behavior I plan for the final sketch, it is at least a proof of concept that I can combine these elements for the newspaper particles of my original brief.

So the remaining steps for my final project are now:

  • change traer.physics balls into newspaper particles
  • detect small vs large movement of face detection
  • add sound samples, which change once small movement loop is triggered
  • combine all of the above with RSS feed
  • find time to write more comprehensive journal entries

It looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me in this last week. Time to immerse myself in some code.


As a complete distraction from my end-of-semester-stress-out, I’ve been enjoying Moderat‘s new stuff lately. Spotting on CDM that they’re doing a live show with visuals made me super excited: Modeselektor‘s (one half of Moderat) live show is ridiculously good and live visuals would seal the deal for me. Here’s hoping that all this study will lead me down this road someday soon…


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