Live Visual Experiments #02

Live Visual Experiments #02

Just a quick update to the Live 2 Processing work…


…the main goal here was to get Processing to send messages back to Ableton Live. These come in the form of OSC signals, which bang out MIDI notes that I’ve assigned in the Max For Live patch. I also worked the percussion effected rectangles, so they are now responsive to individual drums (kick, snare and hats).

Whilst I’m still learning, it’s quite nice being able to use a graphical programming language, as opposed to a language-based code – flashy lights keep me more satisfied than sexy syntax. Once again, here are the patches for you to (mis)use as you will…

Live Set
Max For Live Audio Plugin
Max For Live MIDI Plugin (Knobs)
Max For Live MIDI Plugin (Respond)
Processing Sketch

(All CC-BY-SA.)

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