Dusk – Warehouse Space

Dusk – Warehouse Space
The corner of the warehouse, where Dusk will be constructed

The Underbelly Arts’ artist Lab kicked off today, with some site inductions and an opportunity to measure up the space in which Dusk will be constructed.

We’ll be living in an old warehouse space, at the south end of the strip of venues that make up Underbelly Arts. Alongside an inflatable artwork, Air City, we’ll make up an interactive installation space that will hopefully resemble something of a surreal dream.

Front view

When we chose the space a few weeks prior, we were fond of the mezzanine platform that could provide a safe vantage point for laptops and camera equipment. However, after measuring the space, we may be a little boxed in and it might be worth considering a small move to a more central part of the warehouse.

Side view
Top view - where the camera and projector will live

Tomorrow we’ll be able to bring in a data projector and get a real feel to what will work in the space. From there, we can make a decision on what physical structure will be suitable… then the build begins!

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