Electronic Technologies – Week 03

Electronic Technologies – Week 03
Mapping the process loop

Unlike Professional Portfolio, I won’t be keep a weekly journal for this subject – only occasional updates where necessary. Electronic Technologies is a class I’ve taken to support my major work in Professional Portfolio: somewhere I can learn not to electrocute myself as I build the hardware component to my work.

As the diagram above shows, I’ll be mostly working with sensors in Arduino, to pass information to the patches I’ve been building in Max/MSP/Jitter. I’ll also create an infrared floodlight to work in combination with my PS3 Eye camera, giving me the ability to track in low-light conditions.

The idea of using proximity sensors is something new that has come into this project over the past week. I would like to create individual ‘streams’ of data, for each person that approaches the table to interact. Instead of using the camera to track the audience around the project, I think using sensors to signal where people are situated would be more effective – not to mention far less processor intensive.

Mockup of installation

So added to the shopping list is an infrared LED flood light kit and some proximity sensors. Before I go out and lay down more coin though, I’m presenting this setup in class this week. First, I’ll see what kind of feedback I get on the project, and then jump on to the soldering iron.

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