Plate VI-3

Plate VI-3

Following on from my last post, I recreated a couple more of Josef Albers‘ colour plates from Interaction of Colour. The following Processing sketches give the illusion that they are made up of just two colours. Clicking either will show that the overlaid shapes are in fact a third, different colour and not simply mirroring their opposite half, as it would at first seem.

[processing sketch=”plateVI_3a”]

[processing sketch=”plateVI4″]

[sc:ProcessingJS id=/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/plateVI_3.pde]

[sc:ProcessingJS id=/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/plateVI_4.pde]

These colour experiments are interesting in my research, as they may provide a method to explore thresholds. I’m interested in looking at different perceptions (of many senses, not just colour perception), and if language hasn’t constricted someone’s recognition of individual colours, would they immediately see something the majority of us cannot? Would their perception thresholds be expanded?

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