Multimedia Authoring – Week 01

Multimedia Authoring – Week 01

Class Work

So this is pretty much as basic as it gets: primitive shapes. Just coming to terms with Processing‘s coordinate system, as well as the basics of syntax within the Processing Development Environment (PDE). Points, lines, primitive shapes and stroke/fill colour Processing sketch removed because it would not play nicely with others

It’s good fun though. And i’ll be commenting my PDE files as well as I can, so that if you ever would like to take a look at how I did something, i’ll make the sketch available for download and hopefully it will be clear what i’m up to.

Code Research

Being given a pre-existing sketch, this project was simply an exercise in understanding Processing’s coordinate system. However, because the existing sketch had its own set of physical rules (which I don’t yet understand), I had several false-starts…

The idea of this sketch is that clicking the mouse within the window can produce one of two different shapes. These shapes can interact with each other by crashing into walls, or themselves. I decided that each shape should represent two sides of the same coin, so my first concept was to create the Autobot and Decepticon symbols:


Not only was this time consuming, but the symbol would instantly lose its shape because of the physics within the sketch. So, i decided to strip it back to a simple, geometric shape, surrounded by an enclosing border:


Putting this together in Photoshop using the grid was quite simple and adding the coordinates in Processing was much easier this time around also. Finally, I grabbed a few sounds from The Freesound Project.

Concept Research

I have chosen this link as inspiration for the week, because of its relationship to physics within coding, and of course because it uses Benny Hill music. There are obvious parallels to the Springy Shapes sketch, however this is not strictly related to Processing – it is a library for open frameworks – just another example of the community out there, that is only too happy to allow others to use their code…


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