Dusk – Scale Model

Dusk – Scale Model
Dusk at 1/20th the size

With the direction of our project – and therefore the coding development – on hold until we lock down the arrangement with projectors, I decided to start working on a scale model of Dusk today. This will make changing and communicating ideas much faster, as well as allowing us to explain the project to those people touring the Underbelly Arts Lab, before we’ve constructed anything meaningful in the warehouse space.

As I created the outline for the expected area of projection, it was immediately obvious just how much we’re in need of a second projector,…

2 top-down projection areas - both 3m x 4m

…the image above shows 2 projected areas of 3m x 4m, placed side by side. The box in the middle is one cubic metre, and would swallow up a single projection area very quickly. In the concept we’ve been working with, there would be several smaller objects also placed within the projection space, so anything smaller than what’s pictured above would make interaction and immersion quite difficult for the audience.

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  • Working on a similar project for a Gulf Coast relief fundraiser in Austin. We’re trying to project onto a 22’w x 12’h scrim with 3 20″ spheres in front. We’re having a hard time sourcing a projector with a short throw lens that will allow us to place the projectors (we’re using 2) far enough to cover the massive scrim but not so far as to put the light rigging in between the projector and the surface.

  • Hi Troy, we’ve been gifted (very graciously) a 1:1 projector for this project now. It’s a Sanyo, but I can’t remember the model off the top of my head – I’ll post the details in the next day or so. It’ll spoil me though and make future work with average projectors that little bit more frustrating.

    Some of the work you’ve posted on your blog looks interesting – your combination of Ableton/MaxForLive and Quartz Composer is a similar process to my own. The Glitcher patch is far more complex than anything I’ve come up with though!

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