Multimedia Authoring – Week 05

Multimedia Authoring – Week 05

Code Research

Launching into more chapters of Learning Processing over the break, I think I’ve come to the first point of really struggling with the concepts presented in the book. Making my way through ‘Functions’, ‘Objects’ and ‘Arrays’, I feel like we’re starting to get into territory that whilst more difficult to understand, is capable of some really powerful end results.

The Circle Follow example we were given during class showed how motion tracking can actually be relatively simple in Processing. Using the JMyron library though, I’ve found that the results can be a little problematic: the library causes some crashes in OS X. I have briefly looked at some more promising OpenCV tutorials, which I think will be the way forward once I start working on my major project for the semester.

As for the Circle Follow sketch, I made some relatively minor changes this week (I’ve realised that sketches trying to use an attached camera = applet death, so I’ll just link for now). I introduced an ‘if’ statement, whereby if the participant gets the ball in the hole, they are greeted with a (tacky) Win Screen and the loop finishes. I also attempted to introduce some animation to my Win Screen, but had some strange errors that I couldn’t get to the bottom of, so I moved on.

Concept Research

This week being the presentation due date, all my research went into a Keynote presentation and resulting PDF. So there’s probably not much point repeating myself here.

However, I am quite happy with where this project is headed:

This project aims to look at the issues surrounding the ways which we interact with technologies. This includes not just how we try to express ourselves through different media, but also the often hidden methods that these media change both how we are represented and how we perceive the world around us.

I hope to achieve this through showing the participant that you must engage to really have an effect on your environment. That if you choose to remain static, your real self will eventually be replaced by what outside forces wish you to become.

…I’m looking forward to getting down to work with it.

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