Advanced Multimedia Authoring – Week 08

Advanced Multimedia Authoring – Week 08


Although I wasn’t able to get all the dancers in one spot this week, I did have a chance to map some of the movements from one, with my updated mapping code.

Sadly, the room wasn’t large enough to capture every movement with the static video camera, but the following examples will give you an idea of how the data I’m getting looks. Each graph shows (from top to bottom): pitch, roll and yaw of the Wii remote. For these tests, I didn’t hook up the leg controller (although the above code will additionally take nunchuck data if you want it)…



I will do some more tests with the dancers connected up to Ableton and the lighting rig next week, to see what kind of output we’re getting so far. Then we’ll start making decisions on what works and where changes will need to be made.

And speaking of the lighting rig, I finally grabbed the last piece of the puzzle for DMX light controlling this week as well. A 4 channel dimmer pack has now given me a fully functional DMX controller in the shape of my laptop…

Not to scale. Jesus was bigger in Japan

In case you’re wondering, I’m pretty damn excited. Using the prodmx library for Processing, I spent far too long making lights flash on and off in my bedroom to be considered a sane person. All I need to do now is get through a flood of freelance and uni work, as well as survive a bucks party this weekend and I can put it to proper use.

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