Digital Video 2 – Week 12

Digital Video 2 – Week 12

As I’m returning to uni for 2010 tomorrow, I thought it might be best to finish off the last couple of entries from 2009. Wow, this is embarrassingly late.

I’m probably not able to recall an accurate description of my process at this stage, so I should probably let the work tell the story…


Just to summarise – we’re weren’t entirely happy with the final result. I think there are good ideas hidden away in there and whilst the concept was fairly solid, the execution wasn’t great.

Our storyboard was all about focus on beautiful imagery. The problem was that we didn’t do any real visual tests before our shoot and spent much of the day working out how these shots were to be carried out (you can tell by the way the light changes throughout the commercial). From memory, the shoot lasted over 8hrs. Far too long.

If you read the outcome of most of my Digital Video projects, you’d probably find the common denominator was that none were properly planned. That’s not to say there wasn’t any planning – in fact, pre-production has become a more important part of each project as I progress. It just seems that we’re never quite prepared enough. Which hopefully is something that comes with experience.

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